Orla Collective

About Orla Collective

Orla Collective is an online magazine & community based in Luxembourg, celebrating all things natural, deliciously eco-friendly and kind, and exposing all the people that adopt these lifestyle choices in their own amazing ways.

We feature friendly personalities, smaller and bigger projects with a big heart, delicious recipes, and tips on how to live better and happier. We believe that everyone of us has the ability to contribute in such a positive wave and possibly inspire others.

For this reason, we aim to be accessible & fun because we believe everyone can possibly be triggered to live a more mindful lifestyle, one step at a time, at their own pace. At Orla, we’re not fond of labels, and don’t like to see things in black & white. We cultivate what’s positive. As we like to say “We’re all humans in progress”.

Orla Collective is a community, non-profit based project, started with curiosity, made with love and kept alive with inspiring exchanges.


What does it mean to live “differently” or more mindfully?

Living mindfully, or as we like to say “differently”, is about living happier, more connected and making choices that are better for ourselves, for the environment, and for everything that surrounds us. There are myriads of ways to live better, but we are not willing to stick with a single one, and prefer to encourage people to cultivate their own ways and their own curiosity. There are lots of subjects we like to talk about, depicted in various categories: happiness inspiration (“Mindful Life“), health tips (“Healthy Folks“), delicious wholesome recipes to share (“Conscious Foodie“), eco-friendly vibes (“Breathe Green“) DIY things to experiment with (“DIY Lust“). But there are so many ways and so many more things to discover everyday, for everyone!

What do we do?

Orla started out as a collective blog, but is becoming part of a local movement. Along with our contributors, we generate inspiring content to trigger curiosity & information on our online magazine. Offline, we also organise various community events such as workshops, gatherings, and we take part in other happenings we love & support (follow our events here). We like to connect with like-minded people who have interesting ideas & want to make positive things happen, as well as newly curious ones who need some help & guidance on how to live a more mindful lifestyle. Orla also serves as a platform for people & other similar communities to connect, contributing to a broader positive wave of inspiration in Luxembourg.


Most importantly, Orla is kept alive by an active & inspired community:

The happy contributors in our online magazine: Linda, David, Heike, Alix, Olga, Maud, Karolina, Anna, Anabela, Vesela, Julie, Christophe, Laure, Marianne, Patricia, Olo, Stephanie, Lynn, DavidElly.

Our partners who are generous enough to help us make amazing things happen: Gogusto, Ready, Bamhaus, Lush, Essential Factory, Aromalux, Lëtz go Local, Tea & More, Conscious Foods.

Other like-minded communities we support and that support us back: Terra, No Waste Luxembourg, wandel.bar, Transition Minett

Who is behind Orla Collective?



Orla Collective is founded and managed by Linda and David, two folks passionate about spreading a mindful lifestyle inspiration and interested in trying and sharing new things. Nice to meet you!

Our crazy idea was based on finding a way to connect with other like-minded people and create a positive, local wave. Today, Orla Collective is endlessly feeding our curiosity and making us grow as human beings.

While being an incredible social playground, it’s also a creative one. We are also the proud owners of creative studio Kinlake, which shares the same authentic values & philosophy. Orla is one of our most important, self-initiated projects, and a great way for us to experiment with creating imagery that can possibly make a mindful lifestyle look beautiful & inspiring. It helps us not only to grow socially but creatively too, through design, illustration, photography & videography (yes, we made our own Orla video!)

Update from FEBRUARY 2017 | Please note that Orla Collective us currently on pause mode.

Thank you all so much for your interest and your contributions in this lovely community project. This is an initiative that is so dear to us and it will always be in our hearts – we are so grateful for everything it has brought these last 2,5 years. Fear not, it’s not the end! We might be back, even better. But we also trust that the spirit of Orla has inspired many and has been carried in many more up & coming new like-minded initiatives. We feel grateful about that, and we feel that we have been part of a positive movement. Stay in touch, feel free to browse our collection of articles from all the amazing people who have contributed to Orla, there’s a ton of inspiration out here and we know it will continue to inspire many to live differently.

Living Differently