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Karolina Zych

A positive minded Canadian who can usually be found with her hand around a cup of tea, and her nose in a book. A runner and yoga enthusiast, with a penchant for travel and adventure. A fan of scrumptious vegetarian and vegan dishes, who probably gets a little too excited about kale. Enjoys long walks through lush forests, human compassion and reggae music.
Healthy Folks

Brew Some Zen: Matcha Tea for Health, Beauty & Energy

By On May 8, 2015

I am a tea addict, and a lover of ritual. When I want a mindful start to the day or a refreshing pause on a busy afternoon, nothing is more satisfying than… Read More

Mindful Life

Life Light: Make This Valentine’s Day About Self-Love

By On February 13, 2015

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to talk about love. Not the typical gushy, smoochy-smoochy kind of love, but the kind that is a catalyst for all other love: self-love. We… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: The Basics of Ayurveda

By On February 9, 2015

I’ve just returned from a glorious few weeks in Sri Lanka, and my body and soul are still reeling from the trip. This small island is home to a rich culture and… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: Natural Healing with Turmeric

By On December 2, 2014

Throughout winter, I find myself craving more vegetables and deep flavours, resulting in frequent one-dish vegetable pot dinners, such as this. I enjoy chopping the gorgeous, colourful vegetables, and I feel satisfied… Read More

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