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Mireille Dondlinger

She is serene and sensitive, likes walking in nature, travelling, yoga, meditation, conscious living. Her curiosity and desire of inner development, led her to expand her horizons beyond her scientific background (physics Phd) to discover other realities. Meditation has become an important element in her life. The inner journey permitted her to express more and more her creativity, particularly through the creation of Mandalas, that have always fascinated her. She is also freelance web designer, an activity that permits her to combine her technical knowledge with her creativity and to discover and contribute to other people projects. // www.almina.lu
Breathe Green

Walking: An Art Of Living and An Invitation To Simplicity

By On September 23, 2016

According to Hippocrates “Walking is man’s best medicine“. I can only agree with this statement which remains its full relevance nowadays. Even if we are less and less obliged to walk thanks… Read More

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