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HEALTHY FOLKS is a little community encyclopedia on all things health & healing, the holistic, natural way. While we do not encourage fad diets, we love to find new ways to nourish the body and the mind. Raw Food | Superfoods | Naturopathy | Alternative Medicine | Holistic Nutrition | Natural Remedies | Longevity

Breathe Green

Top 13 Green & Healthy Travel Habits

By On August 5, 2015

Trying out new things and adopting new habits is a fun thing to do in our everyday life. And when it comes to “living differently“, like we say at Orla Collective, there… Read More

DIY Lust

Bathroom Cook: How To Make Your Own Sunscreen

By On July 15, 2015

  You get it. Summer is synonymous with SUN. Here in Luxembourg, we have been quite lucky so far (let’s pray it stays that way, right?). So many things to be grateful… Read More

DIY Lust

Health Geek: St John’s Wort – The Herb of Light and Healing

By On July 11, 2015

  Let me tell you about this theory I heard a while back from a good friend. Because we are all connected with everything and all, everything is a reflection of the… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Healthy Sips: How to make an Avocado & Mango Tropical Green Smoothie

By On July 3, 2015

  Avocado is one of my favourite ingredients. This wonderfruit is an incredibly rich source of vitamin E, which gives your skin an amazing glow, fights signs of aging, lowers cholesterol and… Read More

Healthy Folks

Bright Luxembourg: IYD // Get your Yoga…On!

By On June 20, 2015

  It was Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, that proposed the adoption of an “International Day of Yoga” (IYD) to the UN General Assembly back in September 2014.   In his speech… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: A Raw Food Sanctuary

By On June 4, 2015

There are some places that you would just prefer to keep secret; little sanctuaries that feed the body and soul, filled with beautiful people and an almost transformative spirit. Usually we look… Read More

Healthy Folks

Brew Some Zen: Matcha Tea for Health, Beauty & Energy

By On May 8, 2015

I am a tea addict, and a lover of ritual. When I want a mindful start to the day or a refreshing pause on a busy afternoon, nothing is more satisfying than… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: The Basics of Ayurveda

By On February 9, 2015

I’ve just returned from a glorious few weeks in Sri Lanka, and my body and soul are still reeling from the trip. This small island is home to a rich culture and… Read More

Healthy Folks

Mindful Consumer: the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

By On February 6, 2015

Most of us know that buying organic is better for our health and better for the planet. Pesticides present health risks, especially to children and those with health concerns, and can include… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geek: Daily Healthy Habits

By On January 16, 2015

What if true health and wellbeing wasn’t synonym with deprivation or big decisions, but rather little things we can incorporate in our daily lives? I am a firm believer in this mentality,… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geek: Your juice detox done right

By On January 5, 2015

The New Year is the time to reflect and let go of the past and celebrate a new beginning. It is the time to set goals, and start fresh. During the holidays… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: Natural Healing with Turmeric

By On December 2, 2014

Throughout winter, I find myself craving more vegetables and deep flavours, resulting in frequent one-dish vegetable pot dinners, such as this. I enjoy chopping the gorgeous, colourful vegetables, and I feel satisfied… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: Natural ways to prevent and fight a cold

By On November 29, 2014

Winter is here, it’s getting colder and you haven’t seen the sunshine in a while… One day you wake up feeling a bit under the weather and with a lovely red nose… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Thug Kitchen – “Eat like you give a F@*K!”

By On November 6, 2014

It’s fair to say that I own a shit load of Vegan cookbooks. Pretty much everything from Baking for Vegans to The Raw Vegan’s bible! Out of the plethora of cookbooks I… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: Rosemary

By On October 13, 2014

Ah, the mediterranean. Today I will take the risk of breaking your autumn mood to announce that I am currently in Greece, enjoying sun soaked days and a bounty of fresh fruits,… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: Acai Bowls

By On October 3, 2014

Have you checked instagram lately? If, like me, you have been following some health geekies, you might have seen an explosion of photos from the latest health foodie trends. Especially around breakfast:… Read More

Healthy Folks

Healthier Habits: Smarter than Smoke

By On October 1, 2014

We all have a friend (or a few) who we wish would quit the nasty habit of smoking. Or maybe we have ourselves. Here’s a little something to get some thoughts popping… Read More

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