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MINDFUL LIFE gathers all inspiration there is for living a mindful, conscious life. From travel tips, to living hacks to portraits of inspiring people, we got that category covered to awaken the best version you. Spirituality | Wellness | Uncluttering | Lifestyle Inspiration | Conscious Entrepreneurs | Inspiring Human Beings | Happiness Tips | Personal Development

Mindful Life

Multipotentialites. Let’s embrace ourselves.

By On December 31, 2015

  Throughout my life I’ve had a lot of passions and interests,some of them I pursued , some forgot,then turned back to them again and abandoned again. When I was asked what… Read More

Mindful Life

The Winter Solstice

By On December 20, 2015

  As written in my one of my last post (you can read it here), we tend to forget our natural connection with Nature. For a couple of weeks already, shops have… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Christmas Munchies – Orla’s 4th Brunch

By On December 14, 2015

    Twinkling lights + Santa Costumes + Yummy Vegan food + Amazing people = Orla Collective’s ‘First’ Christmas brunch at our most favorite of all cafe’s, Ready?!   Since the first… Read More

DIY Lust

Bright Luxembourg: Merry DIY Xmas!

By On December 4, 2015

  Orla Collective’s popular workshops made a welcome return on Wednesday evening with a crafting Christmas workshop presented by Lynn Cosyn of Cosymore.     Lynn had always been inspired by her… Read More

Mindful Life

LOOK UP: Do not let technology take over your life.

By On November 27, 2015

  Hello, my name is Nicole and I am happy to join this amazing community, I hope my writings will trigger positive thoughts and changes in your life and inside world. Enjoy… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: A Dinner In The Dark

By On November 18, 2015

  As a birthday present I surprised my husband with a “Dinner in the dark” at the A Guddesch in Beringen/Mersch. Many years ago when I was a student in Paris I… Read More

Mindful Life

The reality of grief and loss

By On October 12, 2015

  “No one ever told me that grief was so much like fear.” – C.S.Lewis Back in April I wrote an article for ‘Orla’, entitled , “The Gift of Impermanence.” I recently… Read More

Healthy Folks

Life Light: The art of liking myself

By On September 28, 2015

  I have an outing to make: I have grey hair. Like really grey grey hair, not just a few streaks but proper patches of grey hair. And I forgot one detail:… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Our Top 5+ Favourite Health & Wellness Instagrammers

By On August 20, 2015

  Hello health foodies! Are you on instagram? Whether you are or not, you might know it’s an awesome tool to grab some major lifestyle inspiration. Getting inspired to eat a little cleaner and… Read More

Breathe Green

Top 13 Green & Healthy Travel Habits

By On August 5, 2015

Trying out new things and adopting new habits is a fun thing to do in our everyday life. And when it comes to “living differently“, like we say at Orla Collective, there… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: Beet, a new place for Conscious Food!

By On June 26, 2015

  As some of you may know, we spent the last month away from Luxembourg, in the Cretan wilderness. But excitingly so, as soon as we came back, we were greeted with… Read More

Healthy Folks

Bright Luxembourg: IYD // Get your Yoga…On!

By On June 20, 2015

  It was Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, that proposed the adoption of an “International Day of Yoga” (IYD) to the UN General Assembly back in September 2014.   In his speech… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Freedom Food

By On May 30, 2015

‘God saw all that he had made, and it was very good’ Bible quote I guess that in a ‘religious timeline’, the worlds’ religions would match the above quote to the time… Read More

Mindful Life

Can I try again, please?

By On May 11, 2015

  Tonight I took a walk through my home village (really it is a village, it’s so tiny, it has only one street with no name). It was a beautiful spring evening… Read More

Breathe Green

A Letter from Earth

By On April 23, 2015

  Dear Homo Sapiens, As you mark off another “Earth Day” in your calendars, content that for at least 24 hours I remained in your thoughts, I wanted to remind you that… Read More

Mindful Life

The Gift of Impermanence

By On April 14, 2015

  I was recently watching an episode of a popular ‘Netflix’ Political drama that depicted a group of Tibetan monks making a Mandala in the lobby of the White House.   The… Read More

Breathe Green

No Waste Guide: The Question Of Packaging

By On April 6, 2015

  The actual way of consumption in our industrial society makes it almost impossible to avoid packed goods, so the clue is always about to find the most sustainable solution when doing… Read More

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