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Breathe Green

A Healthier Home with Natural Candles & Cleanser

By On January 29, 2016

  Being healthy isn’t just about eating healthy and organic food but it’s also about the environment in which you’re breathing. We can’t really avoid breathing the badly polluted air outside especially… Read More

Breathe Green

Clean Out Your Bathroom Routine, with NUOO

By On January 3, 2016

  Happy New Year, lovely people! Today’s post is going to be dedicated to all you mindful and eco-conscious beautistas. As some of you might know, in 2015 I have been in quite… Read More

Breathe Green

Eco-Homestead: DIY natural cleaning products

By On November 9, 2015

  It is getting colder outside so staying at home gets more and more attractive – especially when your cosy home is freshly cleaned. However, did you ever think about which cleaning… Read More

DIY Lust

Eco-Homestead: Making glue with horse-chestnut (or not)

By On October 26, 2015

  It’s horse-chestnut time!!!! For my first Orla-post, I wanted to share with you my newly found knowledge about this fall staple: the conker. Fall is a beautiful season, the colours are just… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: Beet, a new place for Conscious Food!

By On June 26, 2015

  As some of you may know, we spent the last month away from Luxembourg, in the Cretan wilderness. But excitingly so, as soon as we came back, we were greeted with… Read More

Breathe Green

No Waste Guide: The Question Of Packaging

By On April 6, 2015

  The actual way of consumption in our industrial society makes it almost impossible to avoid packed goods, so the clue is always about to find the most sustainable solution when doing… Read More

Mindful Life

The Power of Community

By On March 31, 2015

  Sometimes when you are an activist, it’s all too easy to get a little downhearted and despondent. Take this last week as an example. I have been attending every event I… Read More

DIY Lust

Crafting & Repurposing: DIY Pebble Monsters

By On March 27, 2015

  It’s hard to endure a busy week, and then while you’re at it, between a thousand of overwhelming tasks, hear your boyfriend say “Oh, by the way, it’s my niece’s birthday… Read More

Breathe Green

No Waste Guide: It All Starts With A Thinking Process

By On March 23, 2015

Did you know… … that in Luxembourg the amount of waste produced in the year 2012 was consisting – in 119 644 042 kg of household garbage which equals 228 kg per… Read More

Breathe Green

Sustainable Celebration: Dreaming of a green Christmas

By On December 9, 2014

No matter how “Eco-Friendly” most of us are during the rest of the year, when the holiday period comes around, all our good intentions are thrown out the window and into the… Read More

Breathe Green

Bright Luxembourg: Wonderful Wandel.BAR

By On November 27, 2014

    A couple of weeks ago, David and I felt like trying out something new, and we had heard about an awesome new initiative called wandel.BAR. Wandel-what? As a social venture thriving… Read More

Breathe Green

Mindful Consumer: Sustainable Grains

By On November 13, 2014

From the insatiable thirst of wheat to the heavy carbon footprint of imported quinoa, many of the whole grains we devour while trying to be health-conscious today, come at a high environmental… Read More

Breathe Green

Mindful Consumer: Products linked to deforestation

By On October 27, 2014

What do we know about lush, abundantly green rainforests? When we think about rainforests, we think about an endless amount of thriving plants, an utopian setting oozing with flora and fauna. Yet… Read More

Breathe Green

Eco Homestead: DIY Fruit Rind Fresheners

By On September 29, 2014

I just love, love, I mean LOVE to step in a place that smells good and fresh. Call me a picky missy, but one of my biggest turn-offs is to have questionable… Read More

Breathe Green

Eco-Homestead: Upcycle anything into a planter!

By On September 4, 2014

Extra tones of green. Living oxygen. A home is so much prettier with some plants scattered around. Chances are, you want to inject some plant love into your home but are intimidated… Read More

Breathe Green

Eco Homestead: Regrowing from scrap

By On July 22, 2014

  What do you do with all your leftover scraps once you are done cooking? It’s simple, you can re-grow them! Yup, one more reason why nature is so generous. Used up… Read More

Breathe Green

Eco Homestead: DIY Pot Shelves

By On July 19, 2014

Got a few wooden planks or shelves you don’t know what to do with? Want to bring a more green into your life, in a more creative way than just windowsill plants?… Read More

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