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Non-Judgement ( And why we are all occasional A**holes)”

By On September 30, 2016

  What is Love? Love is the absence of judgement – Dalai Lama Ironically, this post did not start out life on the topic of Non-Judgement. Infact it was pretty much the… Read More

Breathe Green

Walking: An Art Of Living and An Invitation To Simplicity

By On September 23, 2016

According to Hippocrates “Walking is man’s best medicine“. I can only agree with this statement which remains its full relevance nowadays. Even if we are less and less obliged to walk thanks… Read More


TOCP #5 Shifting your life / feat. Cecile from Dare4Change

By On September 7, 2016

If you are looking for a sign to change your life… This is it! For the 5th episode of The Orla Collective Podcast we have a life coach Cecile Devroye from Dare4Change.… Read More


TOCP #3: Self-Acceptance & Doing What You Love / feat. David from Conscious Foods

By On July 22, 2016

For the third episode of The Orla Collective Podcast we are joined by David who is a farmer, lover & rastaman. He loves plants, nature and spirituality. David is one of the… Read More

Mindful Life

Keeping Calm

By On January 19, 2016

  So, I started on what I call my ‘mindfulness journey’ some weeks ago now. The intention was to slow down, ‘smell the roses’ kind of thing and so the challenge began.… Read More

Mindful Life

LOOK UP: Do not let technology take over your life.

By On November 27, 2015

  Hello, my name is Nicole and I am happy to join this amazing community, I hope my writings will trigger positive thoughts and changes in your life and inside world. Enjoy… Read More

Mindful Life

Can I try again, please?

By On May 11, 2015

  Tonight I took a walk through my home village (really it is a village, it’s so tiny, it has only one street with no name). It was a beautiful spring evening… Read More

Mindful Life

The Gift of Impermanence

By On April 14, 2015

  I was recently watching an episode of a popular ‘Netflix’ Political drama that depicted a group of Tibetan monks making a Mandala in the lobby of the White House.   The… Read More

Mindful Life

What’s with the rush?!

By On March 29, 2015

In today’s world all has to go fast, fast, fast. There is so much to accomplish, you have to get everything done real quick. Really, do you? Are you sure, doing something… Read More

Breathe Green

Green Lung: Stay connected

By On November 16, 2014

We need nature more than nature needs us, or it would be even more correct to say that nature doesn’t need us at all. If we think we can control its growth… Read More

Mindful Life

Yogic Muse: Balancing Yoga

By On October 30, 2014

The ambiguity of this title, might lead some to believe that I am going to ruminate over the benefits of ‘Tree pose’ or how ‘Crow pose’ assists with indigestion and lower back… Read More

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