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The Perfect Fall Dessert: Raw Carrot Cake with Cashew & Orange Cream

By On November 11, 2016

  Most of us love the traditional carrot cake, but as you know, I’m not a big fan of processed ingredients like white sugar, refined flour, pasteurised butter and cream cheese. Thus,… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Live Foods: Vegan & Raw Flower Power Cake

By On June 29, 2016

  Just like the song from Scott McKenzie : If you’re going to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair If you’re going to San Francisco You’re gonna… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Healthy Snacking: Energy balls

By On March 31, 2016

It has been a few years already that I am into natural and mostly vegan cooking and I must say that this change to healthy vegan cooking and eating has been a… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Live Foods: RAW Falafel With Cashew Tomato Sauce

By On September 7, 2015

  Hello I am Nancy and I am passionate about promoting raw live food that is fun, easy to prepare, creative, nutritious and most importantly delicious food that the whole family will enjoy!… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Healthy Sips: How to make an Avocado & Mango Tropical Green Smoothie

By On July 3, 2015

  Avocado is one of my favourite ingredients. This wonderfruit is an incredibly rich source of vitamin E, which gives your skin an amazing glow, fights signs of aging, lowers cholesterol and… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Good Eats: Spicy Summer Watermelon & Mint Gazpacho

By On June 11, 2015

Summer and I, we actually have a love-hate relationship. It usually starts with my hayfever still lingering from springtime and it reminds me of heat, sticky sweaty skin, being thirsty and burning… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: A Raw Food Sanctuary

By On June 4, 2015

There are some places that you would just prefer to keep secret; little sanctuaries that feed the body and soul, filled with beautiful people and an almost transformative spirit. Usually we look… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Foodie Focus: 10+ Awesome Things you can do with Cashews

By On May 23, 2015

Hello health nuts, let’s talk about cashews! Are you one of those people who only know cashews as an add-on in chinese takeout or an appetiser nut? Or are you somewhat initiated… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Good Eats: Healthy Chocolate Fudge Truffles.

By On January 22, 2015

This one’s for the chocolate freaks. For the sweet tooths. For the little ones and the older ones. Those who like to have something decadent to end a meal. Those who need… Read More

raw cheesecake
Conscious Foodie

Good eats: Vegan sugar-free cheesecakes

By On November 24, 2014

I am so excited to share this recipe with you today because I know you’ll love it as much as I do. These mini cheesecakes cover it all: they’re raw, vegan, sugar-free,… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Local Appetizers: 2 – Cheesy Kale Chips

By On October 15, 2014

Wednesday, mid week blues. Time to whip up a healthy snack. Here is the second recipe I submitted in Lëtz go local magazine, my take into the ultimate and most popular kale… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: Rosemary

By On October 13, 2014

Ah, the mediterranean. Today I will take the risk of breaking your autumn mood to announce that I am currently in Greece, enjoying sun soaked days and a bounty of fresh fruits,… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Cupboard Check-In: A Healthier Salt & Sugar

By On September 11, 2014

Let’s talk about crystals. It’s been years and years we have been flavouring our food with magical crystals like salt and sugar. However, since a while, we have been taught and aware… Read More

Healthy Folks

Health Geekie: Making Rejuvelac

By On August 12, 2014

Lately I started to get into fermentation. Raw seed cheese became one of my favorite side ingredients for my salads. For cheeses you need a fermentation starter. One of the best is homemade… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Foodie Guides: Rohvolution Festival in Berlin

By On July 18, 2014

Berlin Berlin, meine Heimat. I love to be there and it becomes even a greater mekka if it’s hosting a health fair. The Rohvolution fair already took place for 10 years. The… Read More

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