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Christmas Munchies – Orla’s 4th Brunch

By On December 14, 2015

    Twinkling lights + Santa Costumes + Yummy Vegan food + Amazing people = Orla Collective’s ‘First’ Christmas brunch at our most favorite of all cafe’s, Ready?!   Since the first… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: Get your Go Gusto fix at Ready!

By On June 15, 2015

  Matchmaking is always a bit of a hit and a miss with friends that you know. It’s either a complete disaster and you rue the day you ever concocted the plan… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: Saturday Munchies – Orla’s Vegan Brunch

By On March 12, 2015

  Do you have one of those friends who is just super creative, versatile and seems to excel at everything they do? I have 2 such friends – Linda and David from… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: An Orla December

By On December 19, 2014

  You know this moment when you feel accomplished & rested from what just passed, yet excited and motivated for what might be coming next? Oh December, what an amazing month you’ve… Read More

Conscious Foodie

Bright Luxembourg: Ready by Connie & Yuki

By On July 22, 2014

Meet Connie and Yuki, two hip, eco-friendly gals who created the perfect new place for the urban dweller. READY is a cozy place with an industrial, up-cycled feel and lots of soul-warming… Read More

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